Filament & Resin

There are 2 types of 3D Printer materials used for 3D Printing which are filament and resin. The main difference between filament and resin is that filament comes in a spool with different types of plastic strand while resin comes in a bottle of liquid form with different mechanical characteristics. Filament and resin are developed to cater different 3D Printing needs.

3D printing filament is used for 3D Printer utilizing FDM 3D Printing Technologies where the final printed object is in plastics. 3D Printing Filament consists of PLA filament, ABS, PETG, NYLON, PC and many more.

On the other hand, 3D Printing Resin is for resin 3D Printer (also known as SLA Printer or MSLA Printer) that consists various range of resin such as high detail resin, dura-abs resin, water washable resin, engineering resin, high temperature resin, elastic resin and more.


  • 3D Printer Resin

    3D Printer Resin is a 3D Printing Materials to be used for Resin 3D Printer such as SLA 3D Printer, MSLA 3D Printer and DLP 3D Printer. 3D Printer Resin is in liquid form and packaged with an opague bottle to protects it from sunlight UV exposure. There are different types of 3D Printer Resin to cater different needs such as castable resin for jewelry and dental, normal resin for figure printing and etc., where each of it was developed with different mechanical characteristics and properties.

    3D Printing Resin is recommended to consumers whom are looking to achieve high details and precision object like medical testing devices, jewelry, dental and more.

    We carry the best 3D Printer resin with brands like eSUN and Magma.

  • PLA Series
  • ABS Series
  • Flexible Series
  • PETG Series
  • Specialty Filament
  • PCL Series
  • Magma Filament

    Magma filament features Taiwan formulation and industrial quality at competitive price. As one of the leaders for both 3D printing filament FDM 3D printing materials and also 3D Printing Resin for Resin 3D Printer like SLA printer and MSLA printer.

    Magma filament extensive range of PLA filament, PETG filament, ABS filament, Nylon filament, PC filament, TPU filament, and carbon fiber filament comes in large variety of colours and styles such as Wood, Metal filled, Silk, Translucent, Rainbow, will cover all your needs in PLA 3D printing, ABS 3D printing, and high temp 3D printing.

    Magma filament is widely recognized for its high quality and has received many great feedbacks from consumers.

  • eSUN 3D Filament

    eSUN 3D Filament is one of the world's leading brand of 3D printing materials with wide range of products and its high performance. eSUN 3D Filament was established in 2002 and has many authorized patents and certifications. eSUN 3D Filament are sold worldwide and the logo is widely recognized by consumers.

    eSUN Filament covers both 3D Printing Filament and 3D Printing Resin range which their product line consists of PLA filament, PLA+, PETG, ABS, Wood, TPU Filament, PA Nylon, Carbon Fiber 3D Printing as well as eSUN filament dryer known as eBox.

    In other words, eSUN completes its product range for 3D Printer FDM Printing and Resin 3D Printer both for SLA Printer or MSLA 3D Printer. 

  • Sunlu Filament

    Sunlu Filament founded in 2013 at Zhuhai, China and became one of an international brand for 3D Printing Materials. Sunlu Filament also extended to 3D Pen with 3D Printer filament refill for 3D Pen art and 3D Pen RBT. 3D Printer and 3D Printing Pen is quite similar in technology which the latter is much more simplified. Sunlu Filament developed various 3D Printing Filament in 1.75mm which is more commonly used like PLA filament, PLA+, ABS, Silk, PETG, Wood, PA Nylon and many more.

    Aside 3D Printing Materials for FDM Printing, they also expanded their product range to sunlu filament dryer and 3D Printing Resin. As its sold internationally, sunlu filament settings and its cura profile is widely shared on internet. You can also see many good sunlu filament reviews.

  • Filament Dry Box

    Filament Dry Box is recommended to be used for 3D Printing Filament like PLA filament, PETG, ABS, PC, Nylon and etc. The main purpose of Filament Dry Box is to heat and dry filament that has absorbed moisture due to improper storage or the fact that some filament absorbs moisture quicker. Humidity is the worst enemy for 3D Printing Filament. When filament has absorbed moisture, it will affect greatly on the print quality. Thus, filament dry box is one of the essential item to have for 3D Printing. Aside from that, it can be used as spool holder as well.

    As a comparison between PLA material and PETG, PETG absorbs moisture quicker. As for other high temperature 3D Printing Material like NYLON and PC, it is required to pre-heat it for few hours before printing.

    We carry the best filament dry box like eSUN eBox, Sunlu S1 Plus and Creality Filament Dry Box which all are heated filament dry box and some comes with weighing feature.

  • FlashForge Filament

    FlashForge Filament is also one of the widely recognized international brands for 3D Printing Materials. FlashForge brand is actually quite famous since 2011 as they are one of the first manufacturer of professional grade 3D Printing machine with a strong R&D team. Few of their famous 3D Printer models are namely FlashForge Adventurer, FlashForge Finder, FlashForge Creator and etc.

    FlashForge Filament are exported to worldwide and thus, there is many great flashforge filament reviews on the internet. FlashForge Filament covers both 3D Printer filament for FDM 3D Printing and also later in 3D Printing Resin for Resin 3D Printer which also known as SLA 3D Printer and MSLA 3D Printer.

    FlashForge filament consists of PLA Filament, ABS Filament, PETG Filament, PA Nylon Filament, PC Filament and many more. So whether its a PLA material 3D Printing or High temperature filament 3D Printing, you can almost find the complete range of 3D Printing Materials from FlashForge brand.

  • Polymaker Filament

    Polymaker Filament is a quite unique international brand for 3D Printing Materials where they have a diverse portfolio ranging from high performance plastics to unique aesthetic 3D Printing solutions with the aim to provide best 3D Printing Materials for manufacturing. Besides that, Polymaker Filament focuses on eco-friendly packaging approach where their spool is made of recycled cardboard and the notion of plant one tree for every spool sold.

    Polymaker Filament is developed for FDM Printing 3D Printing Technologies and their Polymaker PolyTerra PLA material is one of the famous range of product. This brand has various types of filament such as PolyTerra PLA filament, PolyLite range that has PLA, ABS, PETG, PC and ASA, PolyFlex and many more.

    Another interesting 3D Printer filament by Polymaker is their PolySmooth which can be smoothed by alcohol to achieve layer free models with their PolyMaker Polysher. There is many great polymaker filament review that you can search on the internet as well.

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