Filament Dry Box

Filament Dry Box is recommended to be used for 3D Printing Filament like PLA filament, PETG, ABS, PC, Nylon and etc. The main purpose of Filament Dry Box is to heat and dry filament that has absorbed moisture due to improper storage or the fact that some filament absorbs moisture quicker. Humidity is the worst enemy for 3D Printing Filament. When filament has absorbed moisture, it will affect greatly on the print quality. Thus, filament dry box is one of the essential item to have for 3D Printing. Aside from that, it can be used as spool holder as well.

As a comparison between PLA material and PETG, PETG absorbs moisture quicker. As for other high temperature 3D Printing Material like NYLON and PC, it is required to pre-heat it for few hours before printing.

We carry the best filament dry box like eSUN eBox, Sunlu S1 Plus and Creality Filament Dry Box which all are heated filament dry box and some comes with weighing feature.

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