eSUN 3D Filament

eSUN 3D Filament is one of the world's leading brand of 3D printing materials with wide range of products and its high performance. eSUN 3D Filament was established in 2002 and has many authorized patents and certifications. eSUN 3D Filament are sold worldwide and the logo is widely recognized by consumers.

eSUN Filament covers both 3D Printing Filament and 3D Printing Resin range which their product line consists of PLA filament, PLA+, PETG, ABS, Wood, TPU Filament, PA Nylon, Carbon Fiber 3D Printing as well as eSUN filament dryer known as eBox.

In other words, eSUN completes its product range for 3D Printer FDM Printing and Resin 3D Printer both for SLA Printer or MSLA 3D Printer. 

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