Industrial 3D Printers

We are one of the leading market disrupters in the 3d printing industry in Malaysia. We showcase the excellent yet affordable industrial segment 3d printing machine to facilitate the local manufacturing, prototyping, customisation, automotive, medical, drone manufacturing and other niche industry that needs complete 3d printing technologies for their innovative ideas. To support the requirements of this medium to large industrial 3d printing machine, we provide a wide range of printing plastic called as 3d printer filaments, we do have a special filament type that simulates the look and feel of a metal 3d printing called composite filament by just printing plastic and achieve the look of a metal finish.

Though many 3d printing companies are around, we stand apart in the professional/ industrial segment due to our years of experience and qualified engineers to hold hands and provide professional support and advice for our customers.

There are many different 3D printing processes to achieve the result, so to achieve the desired goal, we will be able to provide the related technologies such as FDM 3d printer, MSLA 3d printer, large industrial 3d printer, consumer end 3d scanner and industrial/ Metrology 3d scanner.

We only recommend the best industrial 3d printer from the reputed industrial 3d printer manufacturers ranging from entry level industrial 3d printer to advance level 3d printers.

We have already started to take baby steps toward the medical 3d printing industry, for dentistry and ultrasound 3d image printing. With Shining3D metal 3d printer, we provide support to the ever-growing world of small metal printing applications.

Brands: CreatBot, FlashForge, Shining3D.


  • CreatBot

    CreatBot established in year 2011, is one of the leading industrial 3D Printer manufacturers in the market as their Industrial 3D Printer provides many special features developed for prototyping and manufacturing needs like 420°C extruder, heated chamber, dual extruder, fully enclosed and etc., thus making it one of the best industrial 3D Printer.

    As the extruder of CreatBot Industrial 3D Printer can goes up to 420°C print temperature and heated chamber of 70°C, this allows various 3D printing materials can be printed with their 3D Printer such as pla filament, petg, abs, pc, nylon, metal composite, carbon fiber 3d printing as well as PEEK Filament.

    CreatBot is a FDM/FFF 3D Printing Technologies, which also known as Fused Deposition Modeling or Fused Fabrication Filament, a 3D Printing processes by printing plastic layer by layer from a 3D Design Model into a three dimensional plastic object.

    Other than 3D Printer, 3D Printer Filament and 3D Scanners will be used as part of the 3D Printing processes.

  • Mingda

    Founded in 2012, Mingda is dedicated to delivering large-scale industrial 3D printing equipment and solutions worldwide. With a focus on core technology research and development, Mingda holds software copyrights, invention patents, utility model patents, design patents, and national high-tech enterprise recognition. Serving diverse industries including industrial manufacturing, medical, automotive, robotics, aerospace, education, research, molding, casting, cultural creativity, and private customization, Mingda caters to a wide range of customer needs.

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