Sunlu Filament

Sunlu Filament founded in 2013 at Zhuhai, China and became one of an international brand for 3D Printing Materials. Sunlu Filament also extended to 3D Pen with 3D Printer filament refill for 3D Pen art and 3D Pen RBT. 3D Printer and 3D Printing Pen is quite similar in technology which the latter is much more simplified. Sunlu Filament developed various 3D Printing Filament in 1.75mm which is more commonly used like PLA filament, PLA+, ABS, Silk, PETG, Wood, PA Nylon and many more.

Aside 3D Printing Materials for FDM Printing, they also expanded their product range to sunlu filament dryer and 3D Printing Resin. As its sold internationally, sunlu filament settings and its cura profile is widely shared on internet. You can also see many good sunlu filament reviews.

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