3D Printer Resin

3D Printer Resin is a 3D Printing Materials to be used for Resin 3D Printer such as SLA 3D Printer, MSLA 3D Printer and DLP 3D Printer. 3D Printer Resin is in liquid form and packaged with an opague bottle to protects it from sunlight UV exposure. There are different types of 3D Printer Resin to cater different needs such as castable resin for jewelry and dental, normal resin for figure printing and etc., where each of it was developed with different mechanical characteristics and properties.

3D Printing Resin is recommended to consumers whom are looking to achieve high details and precision object like medical testing devices, jewelry, dental and more.

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  • Dental Resin

    Dental Resin is a 3D Printing Materials specially developed for Resin 3D Printer (SLA Printer, DLP Printer) that offers high precision and high details for dental applications. Types of dental resin are castable resin, dental model resin, surgical guide resin and more. Dental resin cost is within the affordable range if compared to the cost and lead time incurred from the traditional method.

    The adoption of dental resin 3D Printing is increasing as many dentist and dental lab is adopting this new technology into their practice and applications. 

  • Castable Resin

    Castable Resin is a type of 3D Printing materials used in Resin 3D Printer. Castable resin and castable wax are available for jewelry makers where they can do direct casting into gold and silver. Castable Resin is a photopolymer designed to feature the same function for direct casing and requires high temperature to melt. There is also castable resin developed for dental applications.

    3D printing resin for jewelry and dental is increasing as some of the professionals share that this new technology and products has tremendously cut down their cost and lead time.

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