• 3D Printers

    We carry a wide range of 3D Printers, such as Original Prusa i3 series, DIY type 3D printers, Creality Ender series, Flashforge and Creatbot 3D Printers. We offer the best 3d printer for beginners at an affordable price range. All 3D printers are tuned to print different 3d printing materials such as PLA, PETG and ABS Filaments. The fully enclosed 3d printer models are the best choice to print functional parts using ABS, Nylon, ASA, and Polycarbonate.

    All 3D Printers come with the required software downloadable for free from their website (Ultimaker Cura, Prusa Slicer).

  • 3D Pen

    3D pen is is a fun and easy way for kids who likes art and drawing to get their first step into the world of 3D printing. 3D pen comes in two categories, 3D pen for kids and professional 3D pen. They are both suitable to create 3D drawing, 3D pen art, pen 3D rbt, sculpture, doodle, and can be used with stencil or template to make unique designs. 3D drawing pen also known as 3D printing pen uses filament materials that can be manipulated into many shapes such as flower, guitar, house, jewelry and many more. Your imagination is your limit.  

  • Parts and Accessories

    One-stop shop for all your 3d printer spares and parts. We strive to provide high-quality products suitable for many famous 3d printers and diy 3d printer in the market. Our shop is the right choice to purchase spare parts to build your best diy printer and other compatible parts for your 3d printer.

  • Filament & Resin

    There are 2 types of 3D Printer materials used for 3D Printing which are filament and resin. The main difference between filament and resin is that filament comes in a spool with different types of plastic strand while resin comes in a bottle of liquid form with different mechanical characteristics. Filament and resin are developed to cater different 3D Printing needs.

    3D printing filament is used for 3D Printer utilizing FDM 3D Printing Technologies where the final printed object is in plastics. 3D Printing Filament consists of PLA filament, ABS, PETG, NYLON, PC and many more.

    On the other hand, 3D Printing Resin is for resin 3D Printer (also known as SLA Printer or MSLA Printer) that consists various range of resin such as high detail resin, dura-abs resin, water washable resin, engineering resin, high temperature resin, elastic resin and more.

  • ABS Solid Color
  • ABS Transparent
  • ABS Fluorescent
  • ABS Luminous
  • PLA Fluorescent
  • PLA Solid Color
  • PLA Luminous
  • PLA Transparent
  • Flex Series
  • PETG
  • PVA Filament
  • Industrial 3D Printers

    We are one of the leading market disrupters in the 3d printing industry in Malaysia. We showcase the excellent yet affordable industrial segment 3d printing machine to facilitate the local manufacturing, prototyping, customisation, automotive, medical, drone manufacturing and other niche industry that needs complete 3d printing technologies for their innovative ideas. To support the requirements of this medium to large industrial 3d printing machine, we provide a wide range of printing plastic called as 3d printer filaments, we do have a special filament type that simulates the look and feel of a metal 3d printing called composite filament by just printing plastic and achieve the look of a metal finish.

    Though many 3d printing companies are around, we stand apart in the professional/ industrial segment due to our years of experience and qualified engineers to hold hands and provide professional support and advice for our customers.

    There are many different 3D printing processes to achieve the result, so to achieve the desired goal, we will be able to provide the related technologies such as FDM 3d printer, MSLA 3d printer, large industrial 3d printer, consumer end 3d scanner and industrial/ Metrology 3d scanner.

    We only recommend the best industrial 3d printer from the reputed industrial 3d printer manufacturers ranging from entry level industrial 3d printer to advance level 3d printers.

    We have already started to take baby steps toward the medical 3d printing industry, for dentistry and ultrasound 3d image printing. With Shining3D metal 3d printer, we provide support to the ever-growing world of small metal printing applications.

    Brands: CreatBot, FlashForge, Shining3D.

  • Dental Products

    Our dental products online catalog comprises of digital dental products such as 3D Printer, 3D Scanners, 3D Printer Dental Resin and more, which are specially developed for digital dentistry. The widely known 3D Scanner digital dental products is called intraoral scanner (direct in mouth teeth scanner) and also desktop dental scanner.

    Desktop Dental Scanner is able to scan dental models/casts and also dental impression which then the scanned file can be used in exocad to design, implant planning, smile creator (similar to digital smile design) and more.

  • 3D Scanner

    3D Scanner: Unveiling the Physical World in Digital Detail

    3D scanners have revolutionized the way we interact with the physical world, allowing us to capture real-world objects or environments with unprecedented accuracy. These instruments gather data on an object's shape and appearance, providing a digital representation that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as reverse engineering, 3D printing, and analyzing measurements.

    As an industry leader, we are committed in providing high-quality yet affordable 3D scanners to cater to a wide range of users, from industrials applications to hobbyists. Our comprehensive product line includes desktop 3D scanners, handheld LED, infrared, and laser 3D scanners, as well as metrology laser scanners.

    For beginners and hobbyists seeking a cost-effective entry point into the world of 3D scanning, we offer Shining 3D Einstar, Revopoint 3D Scanner, and Creality 3D scanners. These user-friendly options provide a great alternative to sense scanners, offering similar capabilities at a more affordable price.

    Unlocking a World of Possibilities

    Industrial 3D scanners have opened up a vast array of possibilities across various industries and applications:

    Product Design and Development: Create precise 3D models of existing products or prototypes for design iterations and manufacturing.

    Reverse Engineering: Analyze and replicate complex products or components to gain insights into their design and functionality.

    Quality Control: Inspect products for defects or inconsistencies to ensure adherence to quality standards.

    Art and Education: Capture intricate details of sculptures, artifacts, or other artistic creations for preservation, study, or creative endeavors.

    Embark on Your 3D Scanning Journey

    With the right 3D scanner, you can explore the limitless potential of 3D scanning, transforming your imagination into tangible realities. Contact us today to discover the ideal 3D scanner tailored to your specific needs and budget.

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