TwoTrees BMG style Dual Drive Extruder


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BMG style Dual Drive Extruder is suitable for various materials which includes nylon and soft TPU / TPE. The extruder is designed for 1.75mm filaments and the tightening spring mechanism allows the user to fine-tune the pressure applied to the filaments via the dual drive feeding gear. This allows users to freely adjust the tightness according to the characteristics of the filaments.

The unique dual feeding gear can minimize the slippage and increase the feeding force. The reduction gear device can also give more torque to the extrusion which at the same time reducing the burden on the motor and extend the life of the motor.

The BMG utilizes an internal gearing ratio of 3:1 together with precision cnc-machined hardened steel drive gears to give you a compact powerhouse for all your applications.Whether you require high resolution prints with small nozzles or high-flow prints with big nozzles the optimized gearing ratio combined with our industry leading drive gears provides unparalleled pushing power and lightning fast retractions in a lightweight and compact package.

Filament diameter:1.75mm

Package Includes:

1 x TwoTrees BMG style Dual Drive Extruder

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TwoTrees BMG style Dual Drive Extruder

TwoTrees BMG style Dual Drive Extruder