Magma Plant- Based Photopolymer Resin Series 1KG

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Magma Plant- Based Photopolymer Resin Series 1KG

Formulated with plant- based, soy bean oil which is more eco-friendly and biodegradable.  It does not consist any volatile organic chemicals (VOC's) and EN 71-3 certified. Suitable for most LCD/ DLP/ MSLA 3D Printer with 355-405nm wavelength. 

Suggested Exposure Time (Based on 405nm UV)

(RGB )50 Micron: 7 to 11 sec / Base 70 to 100 Sec
(Mono) 50 Micron: 2 to 4 sec / Base 20 to 40 Sec

NOTE: The exposure time should be adjusted according to printer light energy, layer height and model structure.


Safer and ultralow odor : Eco-Friendly, made from soybean oil. No VOCs.

- Complied with EN 71-3 safety standard.

- Offer high detail prints

Technical Data Specifications

Density (g/cm3):  1.05- 1.25
Viscosity (MPa·s): 200-350 
Hardness(Shore D): 84 D
Tensile strength (MPa)27.46
Elongation at break (%): 5-10
Flexural strength (MPa): 20 +/- 10%
Flexural modulus (MPa): 515 +/- 10%
 IZOD Impact Strength (j/m): 58
 Wavelength: 355-405nm

Cleaning & Post Curing

Step 1 - Prepare two containers with IPA (> 95%), and place the object into the first container and gently shake it or gently brush it with a soft brush. After that soak it in the second container for about 1 minute

Step 2 -  Dry the object with cold air. Ensure it is fully dry.

Step 3-  Place the object in the UV Curing Chamber to cure. The curing time is proportional to the volume of the work piece and inversely proportional to the optical power of the curing chamber.


  • Shake well before use, and leave it for 30 minutes to eliminate air bubbles generated from the shaking process.
  • Packed in opague UV safe bottle for ease of handling and safe storing.
  • Recommended storage temperature at 2-27°C (59-80°F) 
  • After use, it should be filtered and keep back in the opague UV bottle on time and placed in a dry and well ventilated place.
  • Store in cool and dry place, and avoid sunlight, recommended temperature at 25-30 degrees Celsius.

Important Safety Notices

  • Please wear mask and non-powdered nitrile gloves while handling with resin as the product is in a liquid state with slight odor.
  • Do not heat this product as photopolymer resins may produce vapours that may cause discomfort when exposed to high temperatures.
  • Keep the product out of children’s reach.
  • Avoid skin or eye contact with the uncured resin. If accidental contact occurs, please immediately rinse the affected area thoroughly using clean water.
  • Uncured resin in the tank may be harden if exposed to sunlight before disposal. Be aware when discarding uncured resin and do not dispose the uncured resin directly into the sink. 
  • After printing, please clean the uncured resin on the surface of the printed object using isoprophyl alcohol.
  • Dispose of waste in accordance with local environmental regulations.

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Magma Plant- Based Photopolymer Resin Series 1KG

Magma Plant- Based Photopolymer Resin Series 1KG