MAGBOT SE-10 3D Printer


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Weight 30.00kg
Warranty 1 Year on Electronic Controller; 3 Months on Power supply, Motor and LCD against manufacturer defects
Printer Type Ready-to-Print

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MAGBOT SE-10 3D Printer

MAGBOT SE-10 is a new 24V system desktop 3D printer with full enclosure and full metal box-type design with 200 x 200 x 200mm print size which are able to perform sustainably and efficiently. It is compact, space efficient and providing stable construction for printing.

MAGBOT SE-10 has integrated many exciting features such as resume printing after power failure, filament breakage detection and change filament function. Besides, it is also eco-friendly as it will automatically power off after each printing which also great for safety protections.

The printing accuracy is up to 0.05mm with high printing speed up to 180mm/s.MAGBOT SE-10 supports wide range of filaments including ABS, PLA, FLEX TPU, WOOD, NYLON and many more. Also, MAGBOT SE-10 is equipped with a Touch Screen 3.2 inch LCD.


1 x Glass

4 x Heat Bed clips


1 x 250g Filament

1 x SD Card

1 x Card Reader

1 x Cutter

1 x Multi Purpose Tool

1 x Masking Tape


Powerful System, Great Precision and Speed Capability

MAGBOT SE-10 uses 24V system that assists quick heat-up for the extruder and heat bed. It also uses MK8 Extruder that are capable to reach printing accuracy of 0.05mm with high printing speed up to 180mm/s.


Full Enclosure

Fully enclosure promotes better heat preservation where it enables the printer to maintain constant temperature so that the object will not be easily deformed during printing. MAGBOT SE-10 is a fully enclosed 3D Printer with accessible front and top cover panel which makes it an ideal 3D Printer to print high temperature filaments like ABS, NYLON, POM and etc.

 MAGBOT SE-10 Full Enclosure

High Stability

MAGBOT SE-10 3D Printer is built with full metal structure and this gives great stability when printing. High stability enable fast printing speed. With such a sturdy and durable structure, it could prolong the usage period significantly. The overall structure makes this printer to be able to perform sustainably and efficiently.


Resume Printing, Filament Breakage Detection and Change Filament Function

Worry not when there is a power failure as MAGBOT SE-10 features a resume printing where you can resume your printing where it has stopped. Besides, this printer also has filament breakage detection where it will automatically pause your printing when filament breaks or almost used up. Another great feature is the change filament function where it enables user to change to different color filament or to reload a new filament during printing and then continue to print again at the location where it has stopped.

MAGBOT SE-10 Features   MAGBOT SE-10 Features


Eco-friendly and Safety Features    

MAGBOT SE-10 will auto power off after each printing which is much safer to use and eco-friendly.


User- Friendly Touch Screen LCD

With 3.2 inch Touch Screen LCD, user can easily access to the menu panels and there is two available languages to choose from which are English or Chinese.

MAGBOT SE-10 LCD Touch Screen


  •        Print size: 200 x 200 x 200mm
  •        24V system assists quicker heat-up on extruder and heat bed
  •        Great Resolution and Speed: capable to reach printing accuracy of 0.05mm with high printing speed up to 180mm/s.
  •        Full Enclosure: better heat preservation and best for printing high temperature filaments like ABS, NYLON, POM and etc.
  •        Full Metal Structure: gives great stability and performs efficiently.
  •        Resume Printing Function after power failure
  •        Filament Breakage Detection
  •        Change Filament Function: ability to change filament during printing.
  •        Eco- friendly and safe: auto power off after printing
  •        Touch screen 3.2 inch LCD: user-friendly and easy to access the menu panel
  •        Built-in LED Light; easy to check the progress of your printing
  •        Accessible via front and top cover panel.
  •        Easy to carry with side handle
  •        Layered cooling fan attached
  •        Full metal X, Y and Z axis carriage
  •        4.5mm thickness aluminium heated bed
  •        Easy firmware upgrade by using SD card only.



-       Printing Technology: FDM

-       Print Size: 200 x 200 x 200mm

-       Extruder Type: MK8

-       Printing Color: Single Extruder, single color

-       Layer Resolution: 0.05- 0.4mm

-       Positioning Accuracy: Z Axis 0.0025mm; X, Y Axis 0.011mm

-       Print Material: PLA, ABS, WOOD, FLEX TPU, NYLON and many more.

-       Extruder Temperature: 30- 260°C

-       Heat Bed Temperature: 30 -110°C

-       Print Speed: 30- 180mm/s

-       Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm (customizable to 0.2/0.3/0.5mm)

-       Filament Diameter: 1.75mm

-       Display: Touch screen 3.2 inch LCD

-       Language: English/ Chinese

-       Connection Method: USB, SD Card

-       Software Compatibility: Repetier Host, Cura and etc.

-       Supported File Format: STL, GCODE, OBJ and etc.

-       System Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, Linux, Mac OS

-       Input Voltage: 110V/220V

-       Input Current: 10-15A

-       Output Voltage: 24V

-       Machine Size: 390 x 370 x 485mm

*Photo is for illustration purposes only. Body color of the 3D Printer is subject to change in different batch.

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MAGBOT SE-10 3D Printer

MAGBOT SE-10 3D Printer